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Launch New Products and Deliver
Business Value Quicker

Policy For P&C

Majesco Policy for P&C

Modernize and optimize your business and innovate the insurance products and services you need to power growth, capture market opportunities and respond to ever-shifting customer demands


Rapid go-to-market leveraging rich, pre-loaded insurance templates, pre-configured products and ready-to-use content with powerful configuration tools for both business and IT users


Painless monthly, automated software and bureau content updates to ensure compliance

Smart & Touchless

Straight-through processing with built-in tools and workflows for skill-based underwriting


Optimize your business processes with out-of-the-box best practices


Majesco Policy for P&C has you covered, today and tomorrow


Keep up-to-date with ready-to-use rules, forms, rates and pre-defined products for all states and jurisdictions with automated, monthly content and software updates

  • Launch new products quickly using rich, pre-loaded insurance templates and ready-to-use content that is easily configured by either business or IT users.
  • Monthly software updates keeps you at the leading edge
  • Respond to market demands by quickly creating or changing rates for new and existing products with a powerful built-in rating engine
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Integrate with our powerful partner ecosystem to access innovative capabilities and technologies like AI, ML, chatbots, IoT, Virtual Reality, and much more

  • Rapid deployment of innovation enabled by ecosystem partner solutions
  • Expand and accelerate organizational innovation with unique technologies, data and capabilities available from our partner ecosystem
  • Adapt to ever higher customer demands and ever-shifting needs with new products like usage based, gig or sharing economy, on-demand and more
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Improve risk management assessment and underwriting decision quality with integrated analytics, automated processes and streamlined exception underwriting

  • Accelerate quality underwriting decisions through powerful, embedded analytics
  • Optimize workflows for skill-based underwriting and straight-through processing
  • Achieve underwriting excellence with streamlined exceptions
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Delivery & Consulting Services

Ensuring delivery success as you transform your business and master the P&C market

Meet the companies who are capturing P&C market opportunities

We have been working with Majesco for over 11 years. Last year we made a decision to upgrade to Majesco Policy for P&C as a strategic platform to run our Commercial Lines business. Majesco Policy for P&C has enabled Colorado Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance to achieve speed to market with its commercial lines experience, robust pre-built content and ISO products and modern user interface.

Art Wallace, Vice President at Underwriting Colorado Farm Bureau Mutual

From the very beginning we were impressed with the depth of business and technical capabilities of the Majesco platforms as well as their understanding of the unique challenges for greenfields like ourselves to support a business launch. The speed and quality of the implementation has surpassed our expectations, helping to rapidly launch our business and drive speed to value.

Danna Gomez, COO at Urban Advantage

We chose Majesco to support our commercial package policy offerings because of its ready to use content and ability to bring new products to market expeditiously.

Erin M. Cummings, VP at The Norfolk and Dedham Group


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