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P&C Billing Reimagined for
Innovation and Growth

Billing For P&C

Majesco Billing for P&C

Flexible enterprise billing platform to enable exceptional customer experiences

Superior Digital Experience

Digitally engage with customers for electronic billing and payments and agents for compensation payments via portal and mobile access

Support All Bill Types

Consolidate bills for agencies and policyholders across all lines of P&C business for any bill type

Ultimate configuration agility

Flexible rules-based functionality and configuration capabilities for both Business and IT Users creating business agility

Advanced Moratorium Support for the Unexpected

Quickly serve your customers and ease financial hardships via automated processes to support leniency towards fees, late charges, and collections when the unexpected happens


Place Billing front and center of the customer experience


Quickly adapt to changing market and customer demands with highly configurable modules, services and partners

  • Support all P&C lines of business for all billing types including Direct, Customer Account, Agency Statement, Agency Account Current, Wholesale, List/Payroll Deduction, Deductible Billing, and much more.
  • Unrivaled rules-based functionality and configuration tools bringing business agility and autonomy to business and IT users.
  • Effective management and disbursement of agent compensation with a rules-based commission engine that handles flexible commission contracts and changes.
  • Leverage our robust ecosystem of partners offering expanded capabilities, data and services.
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Achieve a new digital level of agent and customer access and self-service with dynamic behind-the-scene checks and balances giving insurers safe, secure and efficient control of electronic payments

  • Leverage pre-built integrations for frictionless and secure ACH and Credit Card processing with payment gateways including Chase Payment tech, One Inc, and CyberSource from our partner ecosystem
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), secure, self-service portal optimized for unparalleled customer experiences – enabling quick access to real-time billing information and payments.
  • Support multiple payment options, including guest payment, one-time payment and automatic recurring payments to meet customer expectations.
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Pre-configured mapping of metadata, standard reports, and dashboards; providing quick-to-value, cost-effective business intelligence, along with dashboards and reporting tools.

  • Pre-integrated with Majesco EDW and Majesco Business Analytics to make data more accessible and usable for exceptional customer service.
  • Increase visibility and generate best-practice reports for trend analysis and market refocusing.
  • Improve cash flow and provide accurate picture of accounts receivable with special focus on problem accounts.
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Delivery & Consulting Services for P&C Insurance

Ensuring delivery success as you transform your business


Shelter Insurance developed and launched a new brand, Say Insurance, to reach and serve new markets with a digital auto insurance experience and product. Our vision is to provide an insurance experience that is transparent, clear, respectful and useful to our customers, with billing being one of the most frequent and impactful experiences. Majesco Billing serves as a part of the foundation of a new digital experience using cutting edge technology and our commitment to innovation.

John Rooney, Vice President of Information Services at Shelter Insurance

IMT’s commitment to high-touch experience is a key reason for our selection of Majesco Billing. As a recognized leading billing solution in the market, along with implementation in the Cloud, we will be able to bring innovative new capabilities to our agents and customers to meet their increasing demands and expectations. Majesco Billing serves as a part of the foundation of a new digital experience using cutting edge technology and our commitment to excellence.

Ann West, Vice President of IT at The IMT Group

QBE North America’s Specialty and Commercial lines has planned to undertake a Business and Technology initiative to leverage the existing Majesco Platform for their S&C products given the success we have had from our Specialty lines. Majesco provides achievement of Operational efficiencies and common business processes that are compliant and provide an ease of use to our internal and external stakeholders. This opportunity provides QBE North America comprehensive, competitive and up to date products for niche industries along with National franchise branding. Thanks to this platform we have become agile, information driven, front to back operation and technology aligned to the business segment needs.

JoAnna Conte, SVP, Business & Technology Enablement, QBE North America

Billing can seem like a routine back end process, but it is one that touches every customer and done wrong, can have a tremendously negative impact on the customer relationship. It is a powerful signal of the kind of customer service that will be delivered by an insurer across all touchpoints. Utilizing a seamless and flexible solution allows insurers to deliver on an important “moment of truth” while freeing up resources to continue to transform the customer experience in other areas.

Karlyn Carnahan, Head of Insurance, North America at Celent 

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