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The Art and Science of Underwriting Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Underwriting is at the heart of the insurance business. From evaluating individual risks and the exposures to an entire portfolio…

Insurers’ Strategic Priorities Shaped by Three Defining Eras in Seven Short Years

Seven years ago, Majesco began our annual research on the challenges facing insurers and their current and planned strategic initiatives…

Rethinking L&A Insurance with an Intelligent Core to Transform the Customer Experience

“How do we differentiate our products from our competitors?  What we realized is that the long pole is the technology.”…

SMB Insurance Customers: Growth Opportunities Grounded in Grit and Resilience

Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) are the heart and soul of the U.S. economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there…

Predictions 2022: Game-Changing Predictions for a Competitive Edge in the Insurance Metaverse

Change and disruption are a constant in today’s digital era but has exploded in intensity and breadth starting with InsurTech…

Your Insurance Customers – A Crystal Ball of Big Changes in a Small Window of Time

Insurance continues its rapid pace of change … with customers leading the charge!  But the big difference from the last…

An Intelligent Core to Transform Your Business

Today’s insurance leaders are replacing their legacy or modern, on-premise core with next-gen SaaS core platforms that are digital, cloud,…

Insurance Moneyball: Winning in the Digital Age of Insurance

Insurers have been masters of data for centuries. Data continues to be the lifeblood of the industry. But dramatic changes…

Seismographic and Technology Shifts Reshape the Distributor-Carrier Relationship

There’s no doubt that today’s insurance customers expect a multichannel experience for purchasing and servicing their policies, giving them the…

Untapped Market Opportunities for Group and Voluntary Benefits with Diversified Plays, Open Ecosystems and Next-Gen Platforms

It’s no longer simply about providing life and disability insurance for employees. Employers also want and expect a broader range…