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Majesco ClaimVantage Integrated Disability Management Software for the L&H Insurance Market

Seamlessly manage disability and absence claims on one central platform

Majesco ClaimVantage IDAM

Integrated Disability and Absence Management

Digitally record, track and manage absence and disability for each customer in one end-to-end claim management solution, built natively on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Single Point of Contact

Whether it’s a disability claim or a leave of absence, employees have a single point of contact to triage their request, improving the employee experience

Powerful Knowledge

Reports and dashboards provide insights designed to detect trends, potentially intercepting high-risk claims with an aim to reduce claim durations, helping employees return to work sooner while increasing profitability

Smart Configurable Tools

Configure workflows, tasks and adjudication rules based on your business processes to drive efficiency across the claim lifecycle

Regulatory Compliance

Platform is built and updated by industry experts with ever-changing federal and state FML, PFL and PFML regulations, providing you with confident compliance audits


Let Majesco ClaimVantage IDAM diversify your product offering


Integrating disability and absence claims improves the flow of information through one digital platform, with automated tasks, configurable workflows and automated eligibility determinations.

  • Configure and create built-in rules to automate tasks and auto-adjudicate low-risk claims, improving claim turnaround times.
  • Enable claims handlers to view absence and disability claims in one location, eliminating data duplication and allowing a case manager to review the event holistically.
  • Enhance the employee experience with access to real-time information through a 24/7 user-friendly portal accessible from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • Focus on managing claims rather than on administrative steps with automated workflows and notifications, configurable by client.
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Best practice pre-built reports and dashboards provide insights across all IDAM claims highlighting areas of focus. Create ad-hoc reports using drag-and-drop functionality across all fields in the solution to make data-driven decisions.

  • Better manage overall employee health with more opportunities for timely intervention.
  • Leverage data to make informed decisions, focusing on areas of improvement.
  • Delight customers with access to regular reporting of their client-specific metrics.
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Employee eligibility and entitlement for all applicable leaves is automatically determined when a leave is requested.

  • Alleviate your FMLA, PFL, PFML and ADA compliance concerns with automatic eligibility determinations that are based on built-in federal and state regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce litigation risk with a platform regularly updated by absence experts when a regulatory change is announced.
  • Optimize and enhance business processes with workflow tasks automatically generated based on the eligibility determination to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.
  • Manage corporate-specific leaves and other business-specific absence policies with the easily configurable platform.
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Ensuring delivery success as you expand your business


The Majesco ClaimVantage IDAM platform gives us the flexibility and scalability we need to expand and launch our product offerings to meet the needs of our digital clients today and in the future. The team are experts in the leave of absence space and the strong platform with built-in compliance for state paid family leaves and federal leaves, as well as the ability to easily create corporate-specific leaves, gave us the confidence we found the right partner.

Robert Dewey, Director, Client Services and Business Development at CompOne


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IDAM stands for integrated disability and absence management.

An IDAM solution is a software used by companies to manage employee disability benefits and leaves of absence on one central platform. By integrating disability and absence, companies are able to provide employees with a single point of contact, avoiding data duplication and improving the customer experience.

Adding absence management to an existing disability program enhances a company’s portfolio and provides them with a value-added service offering that’s increasingly sought after by corporates who can no longer manage employee absences on their own.  By integrating disability benefits and absence management, companies can better manage each case end-to-end while achieving cost and administrative efficiencies.

The future of insurance starts with Majesco ClaimVantage IDAM