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API Gateways Secure the Enterprise

If I say to you, “Tell me about your home security system,” you might begin to describe the sensors that…
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2-Minute Q&A #5: Transformation Trends in Disability and Absence Management

Note: This is the fifth in a series of blogs on distribution management and insurance transformation by Majesco and PwC.…
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Operational Challenges of Paid Family and Medical Leave Laws – Past, Present and Future

It doesn’t seem that long ago that our biggest challenge as administrators or employers was compliance with the federal Family…
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Opportunities Abound for L&AH Insurers Amid Great Resignation

“New normal” was the phrase heard around the workplace throughout much of the first year of the pandemic. It’s become…
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6 Insurance Market Changes That Require New Billing Models

Chips. Who knew they could be such disruptors? As COVID impacted supply lines throughout the world, it was the manufacturing…
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2-Minute Q&A #4: How are Data & Analytics Reshaping the Insurance Industry?

Denise Garth: Welcome back to ‘Two-Minute Q&A Chat ‘exploring distribution management, where we ask the tough questions on how to…
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An Eye on the APIs: A Cloud Platform’s Role in API Documentation, Administration and Governance  

There is a very popular movie genre we might call “the heist.” We’re all familiar with it from movies like…
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Just Choose Both: Adopting a New Group and Voluntary Mindset

Traditionally, individual life and annuity insurers and voluntary benefit / group insurers were not much alike. Their products were different. …
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2-Minute Q&A #3: Where Should I Be & How Do I Move Up on the Distribution Management Curve?

Brad Denning: Welcome back to ‘Two-Minute Q&A Chat ‘exploring distribution management, where we ask the tough questions on how to…
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Fumble or Touchdown? How Insurance Billing Models Can Keep and Recover Business

Sheila is shopping online for a new auto policy. Marketing has done its job to get the ball in play.…
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