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Harness internal and external data

To Drive Actionable Intelligence
for Growth and Profitability

Majesco Data Nexus Capabilities

Unlocking transformational insights that power market leaders in a data-driven world.

Scalable, flexible and complete

Robust data framework for all P&C lines of business across the entire insurance lifecycle

Open Architecture

Assemble and integrate data from any source for transformational insights

Accessible analytics for all

A common data repository and visualization layer with open and easy access

Elevate your data confidence

Built-in data quality and business rules to ensure you can trust the results

Mastery at the Speed of Opportunity

Master the data that could make or break your business

Drill-down, drill-through and drill-anywhere analysis

Powerful functionality and simple self-service interface

  • Rapidly unlock insights from multiple internal and external data sources.
  • Get a holistic view of your business operations at any level of granularity and any time frame.
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Extract Transform Load utilities to expedite data integration

Pre-built Extract Transform Load’s to provision and integrate data

  • A robust, flexible business framework to aggregate your data into a single source of truth.
  • Collect and integrate internal data from core systems and external data from a growing array of third-party sources.
  • Adapts to the growing sources of new data with a flexible business and technical architecture framework.
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Enterprise data management

Built in data quality and business rules validation

  • Easily integrates with all core P&C insurance software.
  • Built on a standard MS SQL Server BI Platform, enabling insurers to be 100% self-sufficient.
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See what the industry is saying about harnessing your insurance data

NYPIUA serves a unique segment of the New York market with our FAIR plan to those who are high-risk and are denied insurance. Our transformation initiative is a step to reaffirm our commitment to our customers and our agents. Majesco’s portfolio of solutions will replace our legacy technology to help us become even more nimble, responsive, process and cost efficient. Because of the high-risk nature of our insured’s properties, enhancing our catastrophe claims processing is critical to meeting their needs and expectations. We look forward to collaborating with Majesco on this transformation and developing a long-term partnership.

Dane Austin, President at NYPIUA

Insurers struggle with truly leveraging enterprise level with data due to inaccessible data formats or a lack of trust in the underlying data quality and semantics. Insurance specific data solutions like Majesco Enterprise Data Warehouse and Majesco Enterprise Data Model enable carriers to aggregate their policy, billing and claims data into a powerful single source which they can trust. This allows them to rapidly create the crucial foundation for their data mastery journey.

Martina Conlon, SVP at Novarica


Data is the Competitive Advantage

A truly data-driven business requires a broad enterprise data strategy

See why

Data is the New Everything

Insurers rethink how they use data to innovate and grow

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Insurance Rewritten by Data & Analytics

Easy access to data improves transparency and decision-making

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Maximize Your Data Transformation

Unlock business insights with a data framework for today and tomorrow

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A powerful enterprise data warehouse that enables insurers to rapidly assemble large data sets from internal and external sources and mine them for transformational insights that position them as market leaders.

Majesco Data Nexus adapts to the growing sources of new data with a flexible business and technical architecture framework. Built on a standard MS SQL Server BI Platform, enabling insurers to be 100% self-sufficient, it is pre-integrated with the Majesco P&C core software portfolio yet is flexible to integrate with other industry software solutions as well.

Data is at the heart of insurance, within the operational data of core systems to the use of 3rd party data integrated for use in pricing, underwriting, claims and more. In addition, new sources of data are emerging that will offer opportunities for new innovative products and personalized use for underwriting – such as IoT. To support this range of data, insurers need a data foundation in place with an enterprise data model and warehouse that automates the process of collecting and organizing data from multiple sources, and provides a single source of truth across your enterprise to enable efficient analysis, reporting, and more, to enable your transformation to a digital insurer.

The Future of Insurance starts with Majesco Data Nexus