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Business Intelligence for L&AH Capabilities

Next-generation data and analytics platform to capture, analyze and monetize data with powerful predictive and machine learning analytics, intelligent reports, and prescriptive actions to empower the business.

Future Proofed Data Framework

Capture, analyze and monetize internal, external structured and unstructured data through open APIs to empower the business

Analyze, Predict & Respond

Using powerful predictive and machine learning analytics, analyze broad data sets to gain unique customer insights, predict future outcomes and have a view into possible actions

Single Source of Truth

Aggregate data from legacy and modern core sources, partition data sets for reporting or machine learning that provide a 360o of the customer and the business

Open access

Use a visualization layer for transparent access to the data, APIs to produce dashboards and URLs to embed dashboards into other applications

Fuel Innovation and Digital Transformation with Data

Unlock the true potential of digital transformation with a powerful data platform for the insurance industry

Flexible and Forward-Thinking Data Framework

Capture, analyze and monetize internal and external data to unleash insights and empower the business

  • Robust, scalable and flexible data framework to capture internal, external structured and unstructured data into a single source of truth
  • Next generation insurance analytics that gives insurers the ability to extract, integrate and organize information from diverse sets of data to drive decisions and actionable insights
  • Support for the entire L&A Individual, Group and Benefits insurance value chain
  • Cloud native microservices based SaaS solution
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Based Predictions and Recommended Actions

Empower the business with powerful next generation analytics, predicting outcomes and providing actionable recommendations

  • Predictive analytics and prescriptive actions to empower informed decisions
  • Dashboards that consolidate and visualize the analysis and recommendations
  • Put your data to workday 1 via partitioning for AI/ML of your digital transformation while you assess the analytics, reports and gather new data sources
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Rich, Intuitive Visualization for Speed to Insight and Action

Empower the business to create, share and export widgets to create meaningful reports and dashboards

  • Dynamic, intuitive data visualization reduces time-to-insight and decision making
  • Ensure data accuracy and reaction time with reusable widgets across multiple reports
  • Incorporate a variety of widget types – from graphs to grids – within the same report to drive deeper and quicker understanding of data and next best actions
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Robust Dashboards and Analytics

Out-of-the-box dashboard templates and capabilities to rapidly create new reports that reduce time and resources

  • Robust business intelligence and analytics with over 130+ standard business reports, dashboards, widgets across the value chain for UW, Enrollment, Policy servicing, Billing and Claims
  • Create and schedule reports at defined intervals with real-time alerts to let you know the moment something critical happens in your business
  • Create dynamic dashboards – with links to any application – to view from within Policy, Billing or Claims
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Hear what industry experts are saying about the future of data in insurance

Investing in digital transformation and getting the most value from data and analytics are top of mind for insurance company executives. The focus on data and analytics is accelerating now especially as digitization and virtualized customer transactions grow due to COVID-19. Data and analytics are also seen as a competitive advantage that makes it easier to do business, make better decisions, and improve customer knowledge translating into an improved customer experience.

Keith Raymond, Celent

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